HACCP Support


The Australian Food Training Centre recognises that many businesses need help with the development and ongoing implementation of their HACCP-based Food Safety Plan.

Whether you need help in the initial design and development of your HACCP-based plan or simply require a guiding hand in its implementation, we are here to meet your needs.

As an overriding principle, our aim is to demystify HACCP. To this end we have designed an Operations Manual to support the Aged Care and Health Care industries in the implementation of a HACCP-based Food Safety Plan.

This Food Safety Plan aims to help each business guarantee the safety of the food they prepare for their residents and customers by ensuring they meet or exceed their obligations under current legislation in respect of food safety.

The Food Safety Plan involves three key elements:

  • The HACCP study
  • Support Documentation and
  • Management Commitment

Using your key staff in a series of short development workshops, we will tailor this manual around the unique requirements of your business ensuring it dovetails into your existing quality systems.

The HACCP Study

At the heart of every Food Safety Plan is the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) study.

This involves identifying every step involved in the production of the food, commencing with the supply of ingredients through to service of food to the resident and implementing food safety controls at each of these steps. To achieve this control, monitoring and recording procedures are introduced at each step.

In many cases these controls may already exist, such as a Cleaning and Sanitation Program. All that may additionally be required is a review of this program and an ongoing cleaning record be maintained. In other cases, a complete new system is necessary, such as the temperature monitoring of incoming perishable goods or an Approved Supplier Program.

No matter what the scenario, the Australian Food Training Centre will ensure your HACCP study is comprehensive, yet straightforward enough to be a very practical and useful tool for the smooth operation of your business whilst meeting all you’re food safety requirements.

In producing the HACCP study, three main documents are developed for each major process in the food production cycle.

These are:

  • A series of Flowcharts showing how each product group is made
  • Hazard Audit Tables for each processing step
  • CCP Determination Guides identifying which steps in the process are Critical Control Points

Operations Manual

A wide range of support documentation is required to compliment the HACCP study and complete the Food Safety Plan. This documentation is essential to translate the study into a workable and user-friendly system.

The Operations Manual is divided into six separate sections with each section focused on a specific area of the food production cycle.

  • Administration
  • Supply
  • Goods Receival
  • Food Storage
  • Food Preparation
  • Food Transportation and Delivery

Management Commitment

HACCP like any quality system does not work in isolation, but relies upon the commitment of both Management and staff to ensure its success.

This commitment is achieved by:

  • Working with your key staff in a series of four x half day development workshops to modify the Operations Manual and produce the Food Safety Plan
  • Conducting a three hour training program in ‘Basic Hygiene and Food Handling’ that introduces all staff members to their new responsibilities under the new Food Standards Code and in the implementation of the Food Safety Plan
  • Ensuring each staff member is fully supported during the Food Safety Plan implementation

Our Commitment to You

Our aim at the Australian Food Training Centre is to demystify HACCP.

To achieve this we will:

  1. Write the Food Safety Plan incorporating all your existing control systems into one comprehensive manual
  2. Train your staff in:
  • Basic Hygiene and Food Handling
  • How to understand and use the Food Safety Plan and
  • Their new responsibilities under the Food Safety Plan and the Food Standards Code
  1. Provide follow up support after the implementation of the Food Safety Plan by visiting your business 3 months later, to check your initial food safety records and ensure all staff are correctly following the plan

Our Fees

In developing a Food Safety Plan we recognise that each business, either small, medium-sized or large has its own unique requirements. Our aim therefore is to be a cost competitive supplier by tailoring our services to meet your needs.

On this basis we would be pleased to visit your site at no expense or obligation and discuss with you your individual needs.

Please contact the Australian Food Training Centre on 08 8288 0288 for any further information you may require.